Cutting Edge Companies

Want To Work With Like-Minded Manufacturers

Cutting edge companies often have highly engineered products. They desire to work with like-minded companies instead of traditional industry vendors. With our diversity of project and processes, CMT Imports is an extremely valuable and versatile partner casting a new vision in China.


Utilize Domestic Lead Times While Gaining the Cost Benefit of Procuring Parts Off Shore

While precision, affordability and minimizing risk is mission critical, what CMT Import's customers appreciate most is their level of confidence and comfort in the CMT process.

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Visual Proof

Browse our parts gallery. You will be impressed with the diversity of materials and processes that CMT Imports have leveraged to meet our customer's needs and budget.

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We Take The Risk Out
Of Overseas Production

China's manufacturing offers enormous opportunity for US manufacturers but comes with a lot of risks. At CMT Imports, we eliminate the risks and bring the precision and affordability of China's premier foundries to our US customers.

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Our Commitment

CMT delivers domestic lead times with the cost benefit of procuring parts off shore to allow our customers to increase their profitability. Our Commitment to you, our customer, is to provide world class quality parts delivered on time at competitive pricing while removing the risk of an international supply base.

Our Promise

Communications is key when dealing with any supplier, domestic or international. Our promise to you is that our CMT US team will respond promptly to any requests, questions or concerns. Should an issue arise, our CMT China team will be on site in the factory within 12-24 hours after an issue has been identified and begin finding a solution.

Wendell Hunsucker
President, Founder