Supporting Healthcare Logistics

Sourcing Care: CMT’s Collaboration Forges Successful Healthcare Support During COVID-19

Business as Usual at CMT Imports 

In the trying moments of COVID-19, the innovation and care of a company speaks volumes to not only its priorities and capability to serve others, but its survival. We live these characteristics as a business outside of challenging times but believe in continuing to hold true to these values now, more than ever. Healthcare worker with personal protective equipment looking downThrough these tough times, we were able to donate roughly 10,000 masks to customers, family, friends, and doctors offices across the nation. While our daily work comes in the form of supporting businesses with aluminum die casting, magnesium die casting, permanent mold and sand casting, machined components, forgings, gray and ductile iron casting, and many other processes, we have a special place in our heart for a collaboration we have been part of over the past few years, which has now been able to effectively support the healthcare industry in an innovative way.

CMT’s Collaboration Supporting the Healthcare Industry 

Recognizing the challenges which currently exist in the healthcare and medical industry, our team at CMT has worked with Cirrus Outdoors to provide an ongoing supply of their renowned, wind indicator device. While often used for hunting, golf, and other recreational applications, the Cirrus Wind Indicator has been proven to be a useful tool for testing negative room pressure for hospital rooms. The Cirrus Wind Indicator provides confidence for hospitals with testing wind direction in their rooms, which confirms whether their air pressure machines are effectively pulling air into necessary hospital rooms to eventually be filtered. In doing so, airborne diseases are eliminated from spreading to other rooms,  providing safe conditions for all. CMT has been able to support Cirrus with the quantity of devices needed to ship their product to John Hopkins and many other hospitals around the  world. You can learn more about the Wind Indicator device and its uses below: 

Working with Cirrus over the past few years, CMT Imports is proud to have been able to support the full electronic assembly, plastic injection molding, and packaging of this device, while providing ongoing support for updated iterations such as the Pro Cirrus:  

A Healthy Future for All

At CMT Imports, we pride ourselves on the precision, quality, and experience we offer our clients. We believe our business should be highly impactful in the lives of others and are grateful for the opportunity to assemble a product that will help ensure safety for medical workers and patients. While this project was outside of our primary sourcing work related to casting, forging, and metal components, it exemplifies the experience you will have when working with us. We encourage our clients to explore all their aspirations and ideas with us, as we are an agile organization, capable of adapting to your needs. Our work is never limited to our main casting and forging processes, and we are always willing to go outside the box to meet your needs. Reflecting on our work, we would like to say thank you to all our healthcare workers. While the challenges have been immense, we are happy to play a small part with you in the fight against COVID-19. CMT Imports prioritizes innovation and care, knowing whenever we do better, we all do better.