Sudden Factory Closure

One of our US based customers had been receiving manifolds from a factory in China for six months. The production schedule was being ramped up to high volume when the factory suddenly closed.  Factory workers stopped getting paid.  The owner was nowhere to be found.  All tooling on the machines were locked on and not accessible.

CMT has a well-resourced team on the ground in China where we set the priorities.  We made this priority #1.  One of our team members was at the factory within 12 hours.  During that face-to-face encounter with the factory workers, the CMT team was able to gain access to the factory floor and leave with the necessary permanent mold tools, core boxes and machining fixtures.   The molds alone were valued at over $160,000.  Other companies had to wait weeks or months to gain access to the factory and some never gained access to their custom molds and had to have them re-made.

CMT was able to shift the production to a new factory and have it up and running in 30 days with the resources procured from the closed factory.

Additionally, CMT expedited the shipping to make sure that US based deadlines were met.

Having CMT’s well-resourced, fast response team on the ground made all the difference to our customer.  What was a disaster for many US companies, was barely an inconvenience to our CMT customer.  China’s manufacturing offers enormous opportunity for US companies but comes with a certain amount of risk.  We eliminate that risk.  That is the CMT difference.