Aluminum Die Castings

Production Capabilities

Aluminum Die Cast with technologies of Vacuum, Local Squeezing, Jet Cooling, and Low Speed Injection, CNC Machining, Pressure Test, Shot Blast, Assembly, Impregnation, Passivation, Powder Coat, Anodizing, Spray Painting, E-coat

Design Capability

Tool design, Die-cast Simulation (Magma, Anycasting), Tooling Design (UG, ProE, Catia, Mastercam, Solidworks, V5R21, CAD),

Production Equipment

Die cast machines ranging from 250 ton to 3,000 ton (including some robotic lines), Center melting furnaces, Auto-computer controlled furnace, Horizontal and Vertical CNC machining centers, CNC lathe, Five Axis CNC, Water Jet and Ultrasonic cleaning machine, Dot matrix bar coding

Inspection Equipment

CMM, X-Ray Equipment, Spectrograph, Cylindricity Tester, Profile Meter, Leak Test Equipment, Cleanliness Analysis Lab, 3D scanners


Grams to 30kg


A380, A383, A360, A363, A390, ADC14, ADC 12, ADC10, B390, EN AC 46000


Total Capacity of 100,000 Ton/year

Quality Systems

ISO 9001:2002, TS 16949, ISO14000