Aluminum Permanent Mold & Sand Castings

Production Capabilities

Aluminum Permanent Mold Cast, T6 heat treatment, Machining, Pressure Test, Shot Blast, Assembly, Impregnation, Passivation, Powder Coat, Anodizing, Painting

Design Capability

Tool Design, Pouring Simulation (Magma, Anycasting), Tooling Design (UG, ProE, Catia, Mastercam, Solidworks, V5R21, CAD),

Production Equipment

Gravity casting machine, Low Pressure casting machine, Sand Core making machine, Central Melting Furnace, CNC center and Lathes

Inspection Equipment

Sand Performance Lab, CMM, Spectrometer, X-Ray Equipment, Roughness and Profile Detector, Cleanliness Analysis Lab, Salt Spray tester, Ultrasonic washing line, 3D scanner


50g—15kg for gravity casting, 50g to 60kg for low pressure casting,

Max Dimensions (L)1300mm*(W)800mm*(H)600mm


A356, A357, ZL107, ZL117, ZL111


8000 to 10,000 ton/year

Quality Systems

ISO 9001:2002, TS 16949