Steel & Aluminum Forgings

Production Capabilities

Hot Forging for steel and aluminum, Cold Forging steel, Machining, Shot Peening, Heat Treatment, Assembly, Automatic Gear Production line from forging to finished gear, Stamping, Drawing, Magnet(ACG) Assembly

Design Capability

Tooling, Master gear, Special gage Design (Pro/E, UG, CATIA, Solid Works, AutoCAD, CAXA)

Production Equipment

Hot Forging press 600T-1600T, High power screw press 100T-1600T, Friction screw press 400T-1500T, Mesh belt furnace, Isothermal normalize furnace, Vacuum furnace, Nitriding furnace, Aluminum alloy T6 heat treatment, Pre-heating machine, Ipsen multi-purpose heat treatment furnace, Gear Hobbing machine, Broaching machine, Honing machine, High speed automatic fine puncher

Inspection Equipment

Spectrograph, NDT Lab (Penetrant inspection line for Aluminum, Magnetic Partial inspection), CNC Milling center & Turning, Physical test lab (Tensile testing machine, Impact testing machine), CMM, Combination type gear inspection instrument, Cylindricity tester, Profile tester, Roughness tester, Contour measuring station, Double flank meshing tester, Shaft optical measuring machine, Stress measuring instrument.

Gear production capability

Annual output capacity: 32 million pcs

Outside diameter: 5-500mm

Length: 550mm

Module: 0.75-10

Grinding outside diameter: 5-400mm

Product Accuracy Class: DIN3-5 (mass grinding)


Steel: 8Kg Max; Aluminum: 3KG Max


Steel:40Cr, 40CrMo, 42CrMo, 50Mn, 45#, 55#, 20CrMoTi, 20MnB, 20CrMnTo Aluminum: 2014 6061 6061 6082 7075

Quality Systems

ISO 9001:2002, TS 16949, ISO14000