Equivalence Charts


Al-SiA356AC4CLM25Gravity cast sand and perm moldGood casting and machining characteristics, typically used in heat treated condition
Al-Si-12FeA413ADC1ALSi12LM20Die CastExcellent pressure tightness
Al-Si-MgA360ADC3ALSi10MgLM20Die CastHigher corrosion resistance but more difficult to cast
Al-Si-CuA380ADC10ALSi8Cu3FELM24Die CastMost commom alloy for die casting
Al-Si-CuA383ADC12LM2Die CastExcellent die filling characteristics, strength at elevated temperatures
B390ADC14LM30Die CastHigh hardness, good wear resistance


AZ91D1729 3.59122970 Mag 3Die Cast33% lighter than aluminum. Excellent strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance

Stainless Steel

CF-8304SUS 304X 5 CrNI 18 10304S16Sand cast, Investment cast, forgingHigh strength, excellent corrosion resistance
CF-8M316SUS316X 5 CrNiMo 18 10316S31Sand cast, Investment cast, forgingContains molybdenum which increases corrosion resistance
CA-15410SUS410X10Cr13410S21Sand cast, Investment cast, forging
IC 440C440CSUS440CX105CrMo17Sand cast, Investment cast, forgingHigh hardness and toughness grade, sometimes used in cutting tools
63017-4PHX5CrNiCuNb17-4-4Sand cast, Investment cast, forgingHigh strength and hardness, Good corrosion resistance. Used in aerospace and chemical processing

Gray Iron

20,000 PSI (Tensile)A48, Class 20 BHT 150 FC 100GG10Grade 100Sand casting, Shell MoldedGray iron is available in several strength grades. Excellent noise and vibration damping. Good machinability.
25,000 PSIA48, Class 25 BHT 150 FC150GG15Grade 150
30,000 PSIA48, Class 30 BHT 200 FC200GG20Grade 200
35,000 PSIA48, Class 35 BHT 250 FC 250GG25Grade 250
40,000 PSIA48, Class 40BHT 300 FC300GG30Grade 300

Ductile Iron

60,000 PSIA536, 60-40-18QT 400-18   FCD400GGG40400/17Sand Casting, Shell MoldingAlso referred to as nodular iron. Comparable to some carbon steels in strength. Higher tensile and fatigue strength than gray iron. Excellent shock and impact loading.
65,000 PSIA536, 65-45-12QT 450-10   FCD450GGG45420/12
70,000 PSIA536, 70-50-05QT 500-7   FCD500GGG50500/7
80,000 PSIA536, 80-55-06QT 600-3     FCD600GGG60600/7
100,000 PSIA536, 100-70-03QT 700-2     FCD700GGG70700/2
120,000 PSIA536, 120-90-02QT800-2    FCD 800GGG80800/2

Bar Stock

1010101010Ck10040A10Lower strength steels, higher ductility, lower costCarbon steel
1020102020 S20CC22050A20Carbon steel
1045104545 S45CC45080M46Better mechanical properties than low carbon steelsCarbon steel
4140414042CrMo SCM44042CrMo4708A42Good combination of strength, toughness and wear resistanceAlloy Steel
15CrMoA-387Cr B15CRMo STC4216CrMo441653Heavy duty structural and mechanical componentsAlloy Steel
20CrMo4118, 411920CrMo SCT4220CrMo44CDS12Alloy Steel
20Cr512020Cr SCr420H20Cr4527A19Case hardening steels used for high stress parts such as gears and shaftsAlloy Steel
40Cr514040Cr SCr44041Cr4520M40Alloy Steel